Winter Indoor Simulator League Y7W3


Winter Indoor Simulator League Y7W3 at Pembroke Pines Country Club.

This was the 3rd week of our Winter Indoor Simulator League Y7W3 playing THE OLD COURSE AT ST. ANDREWS in Scotland.  This year we have a total of 36 players divided into 6 separate teams.  This was the 3rd week of 7 weeks in which we play 7 famous golf courses from around the world.

Basic Rules

In our winter league, there are 6 teams with 6 players each. Each week, teams play in a scramble format. Teams can earn 10 points for hitting their quota and an extra point for every stroke below the quota, up to 5 additional points. Additionally, there’s a 2-point bonus for the team with the closest to the pin and 2 bonus points for hole outs over 20 yards.

Note: Based on the scores each week…the team quotas will change.

Week 3 Results:

This week presented an exciting and challenging experience at The Old Course at St. Andrews. As we reach the midpoint of the league, the teams demonstrated remarkable determination and skill. A special shout-out goes to team Mary, Kerry, and the Bad Boys for achieving the sole eagle of the day. Additionally, we applaud Paul Bradt, who was substituting for team Mary, Kerry, and the Bad Boys, also deserves recognition for winning the closest-to-the-pin on Hole #8, where he managed to land his shot within an impressive 8 feet of the target.

This Weeks Points Breakdown:

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See highlights below:



You don’t have to be a member of our league to play, socialize and have fun with us.  Each week, AGL members are invited and encouraged to join us on the golf course or in the simulators.  Come play with us at our next league date.

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