The Shattuck Golf Club – Jaffery, NH

If you’re looking for a unique,  one of a kind golf outing…  check out The Shattuck Golf Club in Jaffery, NH.  This course is like no other course you’ll ever play.

It’s listed as one of the 50 most difficult courses in the US  –  and while it is quite challenging  –  it’s also spectacular.


Carved into the natural landscape and topography of Southern New Hampshire,  the Shattuck is nothing short of a quintessential New England adventure every golf enthusiast needs to experience.

Tony Haigh and his chocolate lab Sage greeted us at the door with a warm welcome and a great cup of coffee.   As we chatted about the facility and how we would be filming our round,  I could see just how much he and his canine companion love and appreciate this golf course.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 4.26.29 PM
Tony  “The Man”  Haigh  –  Director of Public Relations at The Shattuck

The backdrop of The Shattuck is the majestic Mt. Monadnock  –  the most climbed mountain in the world.  This course also features 36 wooden bridges built over diverse wetlands and natural terrain.  As Matt and I headed out to get some photographs and video before starting our round,  I could immediately see why The Shattuck is a favorite for wedding parties,  nature enthusiasts,  artists,  golfers,  and anyone else wanting to spend the day enjoying all the beauty New Hampshire has to offer.

View of Mt. Monadnock from the upper deck of The Mountain View Grill
The Devil’s Triangle
Sage’s Pond on the 15th hole.

I was excited to be playing this round as I got ready to tee off with Dave,  Sue,  and Eric.  No one in our group had any experience on this course,  so we took Tony’s advice and played a four person scramble.  We utilized the handy little cheat sheet he created called The Softer Side of Shattuck.   What a great help!

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 4.50.50 PM
Dave,  Eric,  Teresa,  and Sue on the green

Teaming up and following the guidelines in the cheat sheet,  the four of us were able to play a respectable round against the “Lady of the Mountain”   –   as Tony so affectionately refers to this course.  She tried to get the best of us,  but we kept our heads in the game played in stride.  We were able to finish the round with a respectable score and limited damage to our golf egos.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 4.54.17 PM
Driving over one of the many wooden bridges at The Shattuck

Truth be told,  I fell in love with The Shattuck.  It was the most interesting,  humbling,  good-natured challenge I’ve had so far on a golf course…   and I can’t wait to come back.

Tony was right.  It may be one of the most difficult courses you’ll find in the US  –  but with six different tee boxes,  a handy little guide book,  and a few partners in crime,  The Shattuck can be played and enjoyed by any golfer no matter what their skill level.

Thank you Dave,  Sue,  and Eric for taking on this course with me.

Also,  a very special thank you to Tony Haigh and his dog Sage for excellent hospitality and a one of a kind round of golf.

Check out our course video here…

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