We strive to help our students succeed. We appreciate all the love and support from our students as well. Below are some great examples of our own students sharing their personal experience.


Real reviews from real students

Lillian Barkhouse
Left Hook and Driver
June 17, 2012

Matt began with the fundamentals of the swing and the setup in an effort to correct my severe left hook. He patiently walked me through numerous drills and was always able to pull something new out of his professional bag of anecdotes to accomplish the task. The look on Matt’s face the first time I tried to swing my unwieldly new driver was priceless, yet he still managed to be kind and encouraging. Bottonline – Matt is a great instructor and a kind and patient person.

Barb DeMark
Very helpful to a newbie like me!
June 21, 2012

At age 58 I had never picked up a golf club before in my life, and wanted to learn the game from a professional. Matt had me “swinging” and hitting the ball “almost” like one in a couple of lessons. With a few more, I believe I can actually tackle a golf course! Boy am I glad I found Matt, thanks!

Doug B
June 27, 2012

I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about HOW to play golf, but putting that into action is a whole different story. I went to Matt knowing what was causing my problem, but the harder I tried to fix it, the worse it got. He gave me drills that I never thought of and within 1 hour i was on the road to recovery. In addition to that he was able to see other issues that were contributing factors to my problem that I was totally unaware of.

John M. Spezeski
John Spezeski
July 12, 2012

My Daughter took her first Golf lesson from Matt Yesterday. She has never played or swung a Golf Club before. In less than a half an hour Matt had her driving Golf Balls; with a putter to the seventy five and hundred yard area. This is no joke or exaggeration.

Frank T
July 19, 2012

I’m in my mid 60’s and never took a lesson – always had trouble getting off the tee. I signed up for 6 lessons and jokingly said to Matt get me driving 200+ yards and I will pay you double. Played with single Hdcp golfers who could never tell me what I was doing wrong. Within 15 minutes Matt had me driving 150 to 175 yards down the middle – looks like he took that offer to heart. Looking forward to getting that extra 50 yards.

Bob Gurskis
Great Instructor
April 9, 2013

Matt’s calm demeanor and knowledge of the golf swing really helped get me back on track. The use of instant video feedback was also awesome and as a visual learner it helped set the proper image for a swing I hope to repeat over and over.

Ryan Carey
April 11, 2013

Ryan really enjoyed the lesson and is excited to play this season. I put the bug in Erins ear so hopefully she will book something soon. Thanks

Charlie White
Best Instructor I’ve Had !!!!!!
April 18, 2013

What I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong took Matt less than two minutes to tell and show me. Matt is the most patient guy and makes you feel at ease. He helped my wife and I so much in such a short time, We will conitnue going to him to learn this game if it kills us. What a really NICE guy and Instructor. And afforable. Give him a try, you won’t be sorry. Thank You Matt, we’re practicing our lessons so I can hit that ball in the air. :o) :o)

Charles White Nancy White
2nd Lesson
April 25, 2013

We had our second lesson with Matt yesterday 04/25/2013. And it was a GREAT lesson. Matt taught us a really good drill for us both to practice and it was very helpful. I finally got the ball in the air !!! Yea !!! He knows just the right things to cure our problems. He’s such a Great Instructor. After practicing for a few day we hope to make him Proud. :o) :o) If your having a problem with one or more problems Matt can help you fix it fast.

Charlie & Nancy White
Fourth Lesson w/Matt
May 15, 2013

Yesterday we had a lesson on Chipping. As a lot of people do wrong we were using our wrist which it totally wrong! It was a Great lesson from Matt as usual. I call him Mr. Patience. :o) Then we worked on my Driving which is a disaster in itself. But By golly, he fixed everything. Now it’s up to me. More work on Driving next week. What a GREAT Instructor he is. Thanks Matt.

Refresher for my swing
May 18, 2013

Matt was able to spot my swing error and had me back on track in a few minutes. All my practice was not improving my longer shots. I now have more consistency in those shots . Matt makes it simple if you practice what he says.

Jon and Judy Rick
Tune-up lesson
June 26, 2013

As always, Matt immediately spotted my main weakness, explained clearly what I needed to do to fix it and gave me a drill to ingrain it into muscle memory. He’s a truly gifted teacher and fun guy to work with. Thanks Matt!

Charlie W
Final Lesson
July 26, 2013

Well, all I can say it has been a real pleasure and a ton of help having Matt as an instructor. Man, is this guy good !!!! He has shown me my problems and when He’s next to me I do pretty good. If I could only have him beside me when I play .:o) He may not have seen the last of me for a little more security. He’s tops in our book!!!!!! Thanks Matt for your patience and your Help !!!!! GREAT Instructor.

Jane S
Great golf lesson
August 2, 2013

Had my first golf lesson with Matt yesterday. I have been playing sporadically for years but had developed my own way (not correct) of hitting the ball. I came to Matt to correct it. Matt was immediately able to determine what I needed to work on. Matt is very patient and easy to work with. He is a great instructor! Can’t wait to practice what I learned! Thanks Matt, see you again soon!

Mike Hallin
Awesome teacher
September 15, 2013

Matt is awesome at fixing posture, and bad swings. I have been golfing for awhile, but not golfing well. Matt is given me the tools to become a great golfer. I have had three lessons with him so far and I am impressed with how he has helped me improve my form and game.

Elizabeth L
May 9, 2014

Excellent… Really broke down my swing, what a mess I was , I can only get better!I liked matts approach and style I’m a beginner golfer and I am encouraged by Matt and eager to practice his tips.

George Giroux
Skills Evaluation
May 14, 2014

Wanted to get back in the game but wanted to eliminate the “embarrassment factor” Scheduled a Skills Eval with Matt…Was very apprehensive but Matt made me feel at ease right from the start. Actually said was not so bad and helped me with my posture and complete swing. Felt real good after so I signed up for some lessons. Thanks Matt

Richard Bonyman
Overcoming bad habits
June 5, 2014

Self taught golfer for many years, I never fully realized how wrong my swing was and how I made such a simple swing so difficult. Matt’s approach to instruction is solid-he stresses the fundamentals. With a lot of patience and ultra-clear lessons, he has helped me uncomplicate my swing and enjoy the game more.

Excellent instructor, great value
June 9, 2014

Have now had 4 lessons with Matt in the 10 lesson package I bought, you cannot get cheaper pro lessons than with the 5 or 10 lesson packages he offers, and gotten more out of these 4 lessons than any other lessons I have taken in the past. The key to good golf is to get a repetitive swing, Matt does an excellent job breaking the swing down so you understand what you need to do all the way through the swing. Top notch professional instructor.

Tyler C
Book with Matt today – He is fantastic!
July 11, 2014

Matt is an amazing instructor, and he always smiles. He is patient and nice. I enjoy being taught by him. He knows a lot about golf and is great at passing that knowledge onto me by telling me how to golf, so I can be a better golfer. Tyler C. – age 13 From mom…Matt is affordable and flexible with scheduling. More importantly, his lessons are not only informative, but fun! Tyler is learning and having fun at the same time. Book with Matt today!

Gayle B
Lightbulb on!
August 6, 2014

Took one lesson from Matt yesterday and guess what? My irons are dirty for the first time. I had no idea my swing plane was so off. Now I want to go to the driving range every day and look forward to the next round, and to the next lesson after I have practiced Part A. Matt makes it much simpler than I thought. Thanks Matt. It was worth the heat and humidity.

Ray Ferland
Great Instructor
August 7, 2014

Matt has a keen eye and quickly picks out the main Faults and corrects your swing accordingly. He provides specific drills to help correct your issue and build muscle memory. Has certainly helped my game… I now live in Plymouth ,Ma. and feel Matt is well worth the Trip…

Les Collins
Golf Lesson
August 13, 2014

I took a lesson from Matt on Sat. 8/2 and than played golf on Sun. I played much better on Sun, thanks to Matt.

Lillian B
Wonderful Instructor
August 22, 2014

Matt picks up on every element of the fundamentals of your swing; i.e. hands, arms, body, feet and can tweak your faults accordingly. He emphasizes “only” two key elements to focus on for practice each lesson. Matt has a unique ability to see and be able to adjust each person’s issues within their frame of ability.

Matt is the best
August 22, 2014

Matt is an absolutely phenomenal instructor. I am in my 2nd year of taking lessons with him, and my game has improved significantly in a short period of time. I send everyone I know to Matt, and they all have the same positive experience. Matt works on the key concepts until they click for you, and has an excellent eye for what needs attention. I will run out of characters in this review long before I run out of positive things to say about Matt. Highly, highly recommended.

Matt is the BEST!
August 29, 2014

He is clear, concise, and right on the issue at hand. His direction is always correct, the only problem is for me to follow his direction. You can’t go wrong taking instruction from Matt.

Gayle B
Bombing em
September 5, 2014

Had a second lesson with Matt yesterday. Went out today and hit a large bucket, practicing all the drills he showed me. Then played none from the white tees and was hitting as far as the guys in front of me. Amazing. Matt gets right to the problem without a lot of fuss. Practice what he says and you get results.

Ray Ferland
Dr. of Golf
September 21, 2014

Matt has a unique ability to find your fault quickly and provide a Fix and explain it, so you can Easily understand. He also gives you drills to re-enforce the correct Swing. I have had other Pro lessons, he is the BEST. I now live two hours away and still come back…

Mike Daniel
Fun Experience
April 19, 2015

Matt was very professional, and his session was very comfortable. His rate is very reasonable. My experience was great!! I am definitely going back for more lessons. I would highly recommend Matt. If you want professional at a great rate there is no one better. Thanks Matt.

Makes it simple stupid
April 23, 2015

That’s what Matt does. If you practice the drills, you will see he breaks down a difficult game to its smallest components. I think if I can master these, the game will a lot more fun.

Dick M
Golf lesson
April 24, 2015

Very pleased and referred friends in my golf league who wanted help with their game. Matt keeps it simple and easy to understand.

Bill L
Hitting the ball
May 1, 2015

Matt found my no. 1 fault ( out of a zillion) and gave me a drill (my homework) to work on. I am already hitting the ball with much more consistency than ever. Looking forward to my next lesson.

Golf Swing
May 7, 2015

Matt is helping me w/my swing. Doing drills that have help me tremendously. I am a visual learner and he is so patient and understanding. I’ve already lowered my score in two weeks!

May 17, 2015

One lesson so far, and I am pleased. He has cut down on the number of moves on which I should concentrate to two. Thank you, Matt.

Gayle B
Keep it simple
May 29, 2015

As always, Keeping it simple is the key to a good golf swing. do the drills. It will work.Thanks Matt

Jonathan B
Great experience!
July 9, 2015

Absolutely wish I had done this a long time ago! Matt was able to show me very quickly what i was doing wrong with my golf swing and mechanics of it all and the best part, immediate results! Very knowledgeable, professional, great guy to work with. I would highly recommend any level golfer give his services a try! Thank you Matt!

Pat M
golf lessons
October 25, 2015

I was not progressing with my golf skills so I decided to take golf lessons. Matt helped me with my swing (which wasn’t very good!) and that really helped! He was able to show me what I was doing wrong and how to correct it. The drills we did really made a difference. We worked on the basic mechanics and my game (and confidence) really improved. I’m so glad I found him! My husband is also taking lessons and Matt has helped him, as well. I highly recommend his services!! Thanks, Matt!

Useful instructions and tools.
April 30, 2016

Matt didnt over complicate my golf lesson; he observed my swing and changed what I needed the most in order to get back on track. Great golf tips and easy to work with. Well worth the visit. I’ve paid twice as much for other golf lessons that didn’t take points off my score like his lessons do.

John M
Great Instructor
July 1, 2016

Matt is a fantastic instructor, he is extremely patient and has an obvious passion to help others enjoy the game of golf. After just a couple lessons, Matt has really helped me work towards improving my game by breaking down my swing and giving me easy to follow instructions for what to work on in between lessons. I’m looking forward to taking more lessons. I would highly recommend taking lessons with Matt to anyone.

Steve Foy
First Lesson
July 10, 2016

I have been playing for years but have never had a lesson prior to this one. Matt quickly uncovered fundamental problems with my swing and gave me exercises to correct the problem. Matt seems very knowledgeable, is easy going, and gives clear instruction. I look forward to additional lessons.

Justin George
July 17, 2016

I’ve met with Matt in the past, great guy. Makes explanations simple for you to understand and teaches you what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and what that does to ball flight, etc. This way, you know the how and why and not just quick fix, so you can apply it down the road. Saw Matt because I was doing things I never did and needed a trained eye, thanks again.

Rosalind Durkee
New techniques
August 4, 2016

Matt is a great person to learn from. I had bad habits and he taught me great new ones. I learned a lot from Matt and intend to schedule more lessons in the future.

Mike D.
Just what I needed
August 19, 2016

I was very impressed and fortunate to get someone that could help me start from the very basics and I hope to take many more lessons with him in the future.

Justin George
Lesson membership
August 26, 2016

Decided to take the leap and do this the right way. We made more of long term plans with training/lessons. With use of video that we looked at during lesson saw things immediately to start working on. Nothing drastic or overwhelming. Whats important in all this is correcting what needs to be without changing too much or making me fit into a swing that doesn’t fit me. Again, recommend meeting with Matt.

Tristan B
Helped me discover my love for the game
October 20, 2016

If you’re considering going for a lesson with Matt, just do it! Matt is an excellent and patient teacher, knows good drills, and has a philosophy of a mechanically simple and repeatable swing that has made progress in the game a bit easier and more fun. I have left every lesson with one or two manageable things to work on, and with considerable practice, have greatly improved my feel, consistency, and accuracy. I owe it to Matt. Take lessons from him!

Alison H
Wonderful experience – patient instruction
February 21, 2017

My husband and I are brand new to golf and Matt was great at explaining the basics in a simple and manageable way. He worked with each of us individually to address things that we needed to work on. We signed up for more lessons and I look forward to learning more from Matt. He is patient but thorough and consistent. Thanks Matt!

Ross Smith
Matt Thompson Review
February 21, 2017

Matt Thompson has been given me golf lesson for at least six months. He has made my swing much more efficient, When it come to teaching the golf swing. Matt Thompson is the Butch Harmon of New Hampshire.

Tom K
Awesome Lesson with Matt
February 27, 2017

I met Matt at the NH Golf expo and went for my 1/2 lesson at Twin Pines. My goal is to be more consistent with my driver. Matt watched my swing and explained in simple term how my swing with my irons would cause problems with the driver. He made one adjustment for me to work on which proved successful with both my irons and my driver. By the end I was ripping my drives through the twin pines. Now it’s up to me to practice to get the adjustment part of my routine. I will be back.

Justin George
March 2, 2017

Seriously, you need to schedule a lesson asap before he smartens up and charges more, I’m not kidding. I have had probably a dozen lessons with Matt and every time the lesson builds off the last one. And every lesson I get blown away with the simplicity as to how Matt not only explains what i’m doing wrong, but shows me the fix, and easily I might add. The guy changed my swing so much in 1 hour, by making me use a croquet club to show me my faults. Yes, you read that right. CROQUET CLUB.

Billy Roach
Fantastic First Lesson!
March 19, 2017

I have been wanting to properly learn how to develop a golf swing for years, and I finally found Matt! I am a pure beginner, and Matt had the knowledge and patience to get me on the right track. I was actually seeing progress in that first hour. I am absolutely looking forward to continuing to practice and advance with Matt’s help. I would grant him 10 stars if it were possible.

Doug Stanley
Great First Lesson
March 31, 2017

I signed up for the 5 one hour lesson package and had my first lesson this week. Matt asked a few questions and listened carefully to my answers, personal goals, etc. We worked extensively on back swing and swing path. His feedback, combined with video support, had an immediate positive effect. I have homework/practice, and came away with a good understanding of what to work on until the next lesson. I look forward to working with Matt, I have confidence in his game plan for me.

I can’t imagine anyone better for beginners
April 9, 2017

I’ve had two lessons so far. Matt uses easy-to-understand examples/analogies and is left me feeling confident in my ability to progress.

Jim A
A work in progress
April 11, 2017

Matt, has practical examples and drills that seem to work and make sense. Have only had one lesson, Matt pointed out the wreckage. Made a difference by the time we were done. Gave time to ask questions after the drills, but I found I had a couple questions or thoughts after absorbtion. Maybe there is an avenue to pose after the fact. Look forward to the next class. Jim

Jay L
great lesson
April 15, 2017

Great first lesson with Matt. In minutes Matt had my swing plane analyzed and had me working to correct it. His method of combining video and hands on swinging and ball striking are extremely helpful. My swing went from forced to much more natural. Thanks Matt!

Dave N
Great 1st lesson
April 17, 2017

We had our 1st lesson with Matt. I say we because we did a family plan. Myself golfing for a couple of years but in need of help. My wife who is starting again after not golfing for a long time. And our daughter (15) who has been golfing for a while but needs a someone to get her to the next level . Matt worked with all of us at the same time evaluating and giving us instruction and drills to work on. We all walked away feeling like we had learned something and were on the road to improvement.

Ross Smith
Lesson Review
May 8, 2017

He understands how each person swings and delivers the club to the ball and he works with that, as opposed to trying to mold them to one idea.

Doug Stanley
Do lessons payoff?
May 16, 2017

I recently had my 4th of 5 planned lessons with Matt. I have learned something each week that has helped improve my scores. My back swing, ball striking and putting have improved since I started the lessons. Your investment in a few lessons will definitely enable you to play better and enjoy the game more.

Great Affordable golf lessons
May 21, 2017

I just finished my first set of 4 , private golf lessons, with Matt. He is a patient and enjoyable instructor, who has a wonderful knack of finding cues that work for each individual. His web site is very user-friendly and the videos on his news letter are great refreshers. I highly recommend Affordable Golf.

Brian S
24 years of frustration solved!
May 30, 2017

Simply amazing. Matt found the two major flaws in my swing that have plagued my iron and tee shots for so long. And he explained how to fix the issues in a way that was so easy to understand. I’m looking forward to a lot of practice, then my first time on the course. 93 was my prior best score. Will update once I play 18 but the way I was hitting the ball…breaking 85 is not out of the question! Thanks Matt!!

Bunny Bunker
Great 1st lesson
June 4, 2017

I shared with Matt my frustrations & he knew right away what I was doing wrong. I had a bad sway when swinging & he gave me several tips that I’ve been working on. Practice, practice & more practice. Thanks Matt!

Matt F
Private lessons
June 15, 2017

Every single time I see him he knows exactly what I am doing wrong and how to fix it almost instantly. I always leave the lessons having learned something new as well as feeling confident with my swing. I highly recommend him for any type of golfer and will definitely be seeing him in the future!

Michael P
Introductory Lesson
June 29, 2017

In my first lesson I did not have overly high expectations for a positive result. Matt was able to quickly review my swing and imitate it to allow me to see the faults in it. He demonstrated the proper swing and after the first 15 minutes of the lesson I was hitting the ball straighter and further more consistently than before. Thank you Matt for your help. I look forward to future lessons!

Clara Orlando
Introductory Lesson
July 10, 2017

Matt was awesome. He took the time to review my swing and gave me great feedback that immediately made a huge difference. Thank you Matt.

Johnny B
Private Lessons
July 12, 2017

Matt definitely knows what he’s talking about. I took the tips he gave me and immediately saw improved results. Highly recommend his private lessons and group clinics.

Susan Ahern
Great Instructor
July 15, 2017

Matt has a way of being able to pinpoint areas to help improve your swing!! He’s patient and so professional.

Nick V
July 21, 2017

Last week I had a lesson with Matt …in the middle of it I was smiling from ear to ear… in just a few shots Matt showed me on video I was releasing the club early, a few drills and next thing I know I was hitting high crisp accurate irons, I took what I learned to my weekly foursome and shot the best round I’ve had in 8 weeks I absolutely recommend Matt and I will see him again soon..

Nice job!
July 21, 2017

Matt put everyone at ease & made learning how to swing & actually hit the gold club fun!!easy & fun!!! I would highly recommend him! Price super reasonable too…thank you Matt!!

August 5, 2017

Matt has been giving lessons to my son and myself and he is doing a terrific job. My son was starting from scratch and Matt has taught him to have a great swing. I had been playing for over 45 years but self taught so my swing needs lots of help. I have made great strides thanks to Matt’s instructions. He has tremendous patience with both of us and we sincerely enjoy the lessons. Every week we can sense the improvements. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Golf Lessons
August 6, 2017

I have had several lessons with Matt. He immediately noticed why I was struggling. He had me try different techniques to my swing, pitching & putting that have made a huge difference (when I get it right, haha). I would recommend Matt to any golfer trying to better there game.

Golf Lessons
August 8, 2017

I found Matt to be a great instructor. He has so much patience. He has helped both my husband and I out with our swings. He calmly watches you, makes a few changes and then you are hitting the ball (in the air) very quickly. I was amazed. I could not hit the ball at all and now I am able to get the ball in the air!!! He also helped our putting and chipping. I am enjoying the game so much more because of him. We very much recommend Matt.

Golf Lessons
August 15, 2017

I came to Matt having never swung a club. Matt is knowledgeable, patient and positive. He has a superb way of explaining things to help me with my swing. He comes with my highest recommendation!!

Robert Leite
August 15, 2017

Yesterday was my first time with Matt and he was very good. He interviewed me and asked what do I want to get out of this and where do I want to be in the end. The instruction was top notch and I left there with some homework. Highly recommended!

dan davis
Taking lessons with matt
August 28, 2017

Very good at teaching how to play golf makes it fun and want to learn more to get better making golf a real fun game to play.

Mike G
1st lesson
September 6, 2017

I felt real comfortable with Matt’s approach to teaching me the very basics. His non-intimidating approach makes for a good learning experience. I’ll be back for more.

Glenn Clark
Introductory lesson
September 8, 2017

After taking introductory lesson signed up for membership with Matt. Got good vibes during lesson and believe he is the guy to help my game.

My lessons are making a difference
September 8, 2017

Matt is a great instructor. I am getting so much more from my private lessons than I ever did with my previous lessons. The price is right and you will learn so much from Matt. He is very patient and he always knows what I need to do differently. His private lessons have turned my golf game around. I highly recommend giving it a try. You will not regret it.

Golf lessons
September 10, 2017

Matthew was professional and fun to learn from. I look forward to more lessons. I would recommend for children or adult lessons!

Amanda Venezia
Love Him!
September 12, 2017

Matt is phenomenal. I came to him knowing nothing about golf. He has been patient and oh so instructive. He is truly a professional and I very much enjoy my lessons.

Roger Larochelle
September 15, 2017

Matt was awesome during my lesson. He knew where i struggled. Worked on the specific issue and was very direct on drills i needed to do to work through my issue. I plan to take more lessons with him.

Alison Hutcheson
September 20, 2017

Matt is amazing. He always knows how to help me “get-it” and master what needs to be fixed. I am so glad I found Matt!

Glenn Clark
Golf instruction
September 29, 2017

Great attitude very easy to follow his approach. Gets to the problem gives drills for practicing. You leave a lesson having learned something and also have something to practice.

Peggy Nolan
Amazing Golf Lesson
November 7, 2017

It?s been 7 or 8 years since i?ve played golf or even swung a club. Throughout my lesson with Matt, I kept saying ?where were you when I was actively playing?? His instruction is spot on, friendly, and boy oh boy did my swing improve with a few simple tweaks! I highly encourage new and advanced golfers to book a session with Matt. He?s awesome!

Par Membership Member
November 16, 2017

I started with AGL and Matt in September by virtue of the $10 lesson. I joined as a par member after. I have been extremely pleased with the results. I travel 35.2 miles to my lessons. The lessons have helped me very much especially the clinics and indoor golf simulator. AGL’s hands-on approach is the best way to go in my opinion. After each lesson I leave with a helpful drill and a better mindset. All at an affordable price.

Dan E
Feeling Great After First Lesson
November 19, 2017

Had my first lesson yesterday after just recently picking up golf a few months ago. Tried the introductory lesson and after a grip change and a better understanding of my posture, I was hitting straight balls more consistently. Matt, the instructor, is hands-on and it was easier to fix my movements from his help. Feeling really good about more lessons and hitting some courses next season!

Glenn Clark
Par Membership Member
November 30, 2017

Best bang for your buck. You always leave a lesson with something to work on. The instructor, Matt, gives you drills or swing thoughts to practice, which can be done without actually hitting balls. This makes perfect practice in off season.

December 15, 2017

AGL and their instructor, Matt, have really helped my game. Made golf fun and is very patient with me. We took a lesson each month. Would recommend!

Jan B.
September 23, 2018

Matt is the best instructor I’ve ever had. With his advice and guidance, I’ve cut six or seven strokes off my game. He listens to you, he watches your stance and swing, and then he helps you improve to the best of your abilities.

Ross S.
April 28, 2019

Matt is one of the best instructors in the state. His prices are unbeatable.

Mike G.
Beginner Golfer
April 28, 2019

Last year I decided I wanted to learn the game of golf. Initially I try to teach myself what characteristically nothing athletic comes natural to me. I took the time to enroll in Matts golf lessons. I’ve known Matt from playing ice hockey with him for many years. My first appointment I was a little embarrassed with my ability or lack there of to swing a golf club and hit a golf ball even though I knew Matt. Matt’s non judgmental/ non intimidating teaching style made me feel extremely comfortable. Even though I still have a lot to learn my game has considerably improved In 1 season of lessons. Anyone who is looking to learn the game or improve their game I highly recommend Matt.

Sheri W.
Highly Recommend
May 14, 2019

After having to reschedule twice due to weather on the 3rd try we got lesson done & Matt was great! Patient, very articulate & explanatory, and even demonstrated what he meant by ……. (fill in blank). He instantly identified big problem in my swing & told me how to correct it complete w/drills to work on at home in yard. His advice has worked & my swing much more consistent now w/ball traveling further. I’ll take more lessons & would highly recommend Matt to others! I’m essentially a rusty beginner who played 25 yrs ago w/friends & we were not taking game seriously & not caring about form/technique. Now I really want to learn game & think Matt will ensure I do in correct form! Thanks Matt!

Brendan Roth
1st Lesson
May 29, 2019

Had my first golf lesson ever with Matt, he was fantastic! Took a few minutes before the lesson to ask about me and my golf game, we went out to the range and took a few practice swings. Within minutes of those few practice swings he had identified my problems and showed me where I was going wrong and how to fix them. He was very professional and patient, and got me on the right path to having a solid foundation for my golf swing. By the end of the lesson I was hitting the ball more solid, consistently and straighter than I ever have as well as having a more comfortable, consistent and repeatable swing. I already can’t wait for my next lesson and would absolutely recommend anyone take a lesson or two at the least with Matt, he was fantastic!

Great Lesson
May 29, 2019

Had a great lesson with Matthew he was patient and courteous helped my golf swing Considerably.



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