Tee Time Yoga – Mountain Pose with Spinal Twist

written by Teresa Thompson and Peggy Nolan


One of the things I love about yoga is how much it applies to everything else in my life  –  like my golf swing!  I’ve been a fan of the mat since 2010,  and over the years,  I’ve had the privilege of working with yoga instructor Peggy Nolan on several occasions.

The first thing she taught me when I met her was Mountain Pose.

Mountain Pose,  or Tadasana,  is all about finding balance and stability.  Falling out of my stance is something I struggle with in my golf swing.  Trying to get power and speed,  especially with my longer clubs,  makes it difficult to stay in control of my body on the follow through.

Mountain Pose helps me maintain good body position throughout my golf swing.  

In our first mini-video,  Peggy combines Mountain Pose with a standing Spinal Twist.  I loved the sequence from the moment she showed it to me.  The spinal twist feels great in my shoulders and upper back.  I love the extra range of motion I get on my back swing from this stretch!

Taking a few minutes each day to do Mountain Pose with standing Spinal Twist has improved my balance and  flexibility  –  as well as my golf swing!

Take a look at how Peggy breaks down each posture…

Tadasana = Mountain Pose

Peggy and Teresa in Mountain Pose

As golfers,  finding mountain pose in your stance,  whether you’re driving,  chipping,  or putting,  will help with stability,  strength,  posture,  and balance.

Teacher’s Corner:

1. Stand with feet parallel and hip width apart
2. Press pad of big toe, baby toe, inside and outside heel to earth
3. Press feet into earth
4. Gently lift knee caps, engaging the legs
5. Root to rise, lengthening from side bodies
6. Press belly towards spine; tailbone towards earth
7. Lift shoulders towards ears and allow shoulders melt down your back
8. Lift collar bones, press shoulder blades together
9. Activate biceps and triceps, point fingers firmly together towards earth
10. Lengthen from crown of head, chin is neutral
11. Take 3 deep belly breaths, feeling strength and stability in lower body and lightness and ease in upper body

Benefits of Mountain Pose:

1. Teaches basic alignment
2. Improves overall posture
3. Supports healthy joints
4. Creates space in abdominal area for better digestion
5. Creates space in both sides as well as spine
6. Creates stability and strength in legs

Spinal Twists

Peggy and Teresa in Standing Spinal Twist

There are a variety of spinal twisting yoga poses. Spinal twists before golf will help warm up your back and reduce tension and stress. Spinal twists after golf will help relax the spine and nervous system.

Teacher’s Corner:

1. Spinal twists can be done standing, seated, or lying down
2. Twisting your spine should never be forced
3. Only twist as far as it is comfortable in your back body to twist
4. When using twists to warm up, only go to 30-40% of the twist
5. If the full standing twist in the video is unavailable to you,  have no fear. We’ll be showing more options and variations in upcoming videos

Benefits of Spinal Twists:

1. Opens the rib cage and allows for ease of breath
2. Massages digestive organs
3. Stimulates lymph flow
4. Reduces tension
5. Aids in relaxation
6. Opens the spine and helps with spinal flexibility

Watch the video below to Join Peggy and Teresa in Mountain Pose with Spinal Twist

Peggy Nolan is a certified yoga teacher (RYT 500), former martial artist (TaeKwonDo, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), and expert crocheter. She guides yoga nidra classes at Hot Asana Yoga Studio in Hampstead, NH.  Find her on Facebook!   at  Twisted Crochet

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