Round Two – There’s a Birdie In My Bag!

Matt and I had some really good practice sessions after our first round at Crotched Mountain.   I focused on starting to develop a short game  –  paying attention to my stance and getting used to keeping my arms closer to my body.   As we headed back out to the course,  I was hopeful all my hard work would pay off.

It did!

I had a decent drive  (for me anyway)  off the first tee  –  which boosted my confidence and helped me keep my head in the game.  You can see Matt giving me tips and pointers throughout the video as I experiment with what I’ve learned so far.

Matt does a great job allowing me to navigate the course on my own as much as possible while still providing a structure for learning and understanding the game.

Today he taught me a new pitching approach as well as how to measure the distance from my ball to the hole once I’m on the green.  Reading the green is such an art  –  one I will appreciate every time I play golf.  Nothing feels better than getting the ball up on the green and sinking it into the hole one  (or two!)  shots under par.

We had two birdie putts right off the bat this round as well as some really successful drives and approach shots.  I was apprehensive at first about videoing our rounds.  But now that I can visually see my progress  –  and use what we’ve recorded so far to make new practice plans,  I’m fully on board with this process.  I’m looking forward to tracking my progress and seeing how good of a golfer I can become…

Take a look at the video to see how we did!


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