Round Three: Match Play With Dan Z.

We headed back to the course for a game of Match Play with our good friend Dan Z.   We’ve known Dan a few years now and we always enjoy the opportunity to hang out with him.

We started our day off at the driving range with a small bucket of balls to warm up our swing  –  getting some pointers from Matt and preparing for a great day on the course.

The warm-up session really helped us get off to a good start…   Especially Dan.   His first shot off the tee was straight as an arrow!   Sailing right over the water into the fairway.

I had a decent first shot off the tee as well  –  along with a respectable bunker shot and a few nice putts.  I also had the opportunity to yell  ‘Fore!’  for the first time in my golfing career!  Thankfully Dan heard me and was able to get out of the way in time…

As a new golfer  –  there are so many things to learn while I’m out on the course.

Matt does a great job breaking things down into easy-to-follow steps so I never get confused or overwhelmed about what I’m supposed to be doing out there.

We pick one or two things to work on each round and let the rest take care of itself.

Matt continuously emphasizes that the driving range is for practice while the golf course is for getting outside,  playing a game,  and having fun.

After all,   if you’re not having a good time out there,  what’s the point in golfing?!

I really enjoyed our round with Dan.  He has such a great attitude when he plays!  It was inspiring for me to be out on the course with someone who loves and appreciates the game as much as Dan does.

Thanks Dan!   Hopefully we’ll be able to get together soon and play another great round of golf!

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