Round Six: Get a Grip On Your Grip

Matt and I headed out on the course with one of Matt’s students,  Rick,  to enjoy the last round of golf for the 2016 season in New England.  We got a bit of a late start,  but we still managed to play 11 holes  –  despite cooler temperatures and earlier sunsets.

I’ve been working on developing a simple,  effective,  repeatable swing this year.  Being new to the sport,  I had no idea how many moving parts had to sync together just to hit a golf ball with consistency.

My latest task  –  getting the right grip on my golf club.

Matt’s been working with me using different training aids and grip techniques,  tweaking my hands to find what’s going to work best for me.  One evening,  as we were discussing my progress while making dinner together,  he said,  “Stop what you’re doing.  Look down at your hands.  See how you’re holding that knife?  That’s the perfect golf grip!”

“See how you’re holding that knife?  That’s the perfect golf grip!”

Yes,  ladies,  it’s very cliche to compare playing sports with cooking  –  but you have to admit,  it does have a poetic,  Norman Rockwell  feel to it  –  so stay with me…

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I would have never compared slicing carrots with improving my golf swing,  but Matt did,   and it’s kinda brilliant!   Guys  –  this grip isn’t just for the ladies  –  so everyone  –  go grab your nearest kitchen utensil and follow along with this video clip.

As a beginner golfer,  this is my first taste at what it feels like change,  tweak,  and adjust my swing.   As you can see from our last few videos,  it can be a wild ride out there on the course!  But, one thing I can say for certain  –   when I’m able to connect,  it feels absolutely amazing!

I spent most of the day trying to get comfortable out there on the course,  and I was a little inconsistent at times.  However,  there were moments where my new grip really payed off!  In fact,  thanks to self-determination and team effort,  Rick and I beat Matt in our game of Match Play by three points.

Check out our video to see how we did it!

A huge thank you to Rick for a fun day on the course.   We’re looking forward to golfing with you again in 2017!

A New Golf Season Is Just Around The Corner!  

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