Round Seven: Ladies Love Golf!

Matt and I headed down to Florida over the winter to spend some time with family.  On the way down we made a pit stop to see our friends Gayle and Kathy.

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Matt,  Kathy,  and Gayle 

Gayle and Kathy live in Clemson,  South Carolina  –  home of the Walker Course at Clemson University.  Matt and I had our golf clubs with us,  so we headed out to the course one morning for a round with the ladies.

The Walker Course was a fantastic playing experience.  Built on an old plantation,  this course offered gorgeous panoramic views as it meandered around the lake and woods.  Being from New England,  it felt great to be out playing golf in December!

Gayle,  Kathy,  and I teamed up for a game of match play against Matt.  We each played our own ball  –  a first for me  –  and I was pretty happy with the results.

This was the most fun I’ve had all year.  It was a riot to finally be playing golf with other women.  Gayle warmed up the course with her infectious personality while Kathy showed off great form and a deep appreciation for the game.

One of reasons Matt and I decided to video and blog our rounds of golf is to inspire more women to come out and play.   Golf can seem a bit overwhelming,  especially for beginners,  but it doesn’t have to be.  As you can see by our videos,  there are many options to help get women started.  From playing a scramble or match play format with your spouse or friends to taking lessons and joining women’s leagues,  there’s a little bit of something for every lady who wants to take up the sport.

The key is to simply relax and embrace the experience.  As a beginner,  you don’t want to get too hung up on your score or your performance.  Those things come in time.  Let yourself fall in love with the game first.  Once you do that,  you can spend the rest of your life getting better…  Gayle’s living proof of that!  She’s in her 70’s now,  but as soon as she puts a golf club in her hands,  her whole face lights up and she looks ageless.

Check out our ladies day on the course with Gayle and Kathy.  You’ll have a blast just watching! Then come out and join us on the course.  You’ll be glad you did.

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