Round Four: Routine is Key!

If you’ve been following my progress as a beginner golfer,   you can start to see how much of a difference having a set-up routine has made with consistency in my golf swing.

Matt’s helping me develop my routine every time we’re out on the course.

It’s working great so far!

The more I repeat my set-up routine,   the more familiar I become with what I’m supposed to be doing with my body.  The more familiar I am with what my body is doing,  the easier it is to repeat what Matt’s been teaching me.

It’s a great system  –  One that helps me feel comfortable and calm on the golf course.  It also helps me with things like how far away from the ball to stand and how to make sure I’m gripping the club correctly.

Today we played our fourth round and I couldn’t be happier with my performance.

Things I’ve been working on all summer and fall finally came together,  making this round very enjoyable to play.

Now that the routine of my set-up and swing are becoming familiar,  the next thing I want to work on is knowing more about club face and ball direction.

Throughout this video,   you can see Matt helping me set up and aim for my targets.  Sometimes I’m on point.  Sometimes I’m way off.  But again,  the set-up routine I’m developing is helping me get my body and club face in the right position before I even start my swing.

Take a look at some of the pointers Matt gives me to help get my ball going straight and on target.

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