Outdoor Heated Driving Range & Golf Lessons

“The best time to develop a new golf swing or make a swing change is in the off-season”

Have you ever thought of improving your golf swing over the off season. In my experience, it’s the best time to work on your swing. During the season, golfers put a higher priority on playing performance which makes changing or improving a golf swing more difficult. Generally when your learning a new swing or making changes, your performance drops. Taking lessons over the winter enables you to focus solely on developing muscle memory and fundamentals that will essentially help you eliminate bad habits and improve your overall swing.

At Twin Pines Driving Range in Epping, golfers can work on their swing year round. They have 5 outdoor covered heated bays that will enable you to practice over the winter. If you wish to maintain any improvements you may have made during the season, it’s highly recommended that you find time to practice over the winter. It’s also pretty cool to hit balls into the snow 😉

At the very least, you should consider practicing once a month through the winter. This will help you maintain your current level of play and better prepare you for the upcoming golf season. Practicing on a regular basis can make a huge difference in confidence and playing performance. It also makes playing the game more enjoyable and fun! See you at the range.