Just Puttin’ Around…

I took some time to watch the video from Crotched Mountain and came up with a practice plan for in-between rounds.

Matt and I really like to get out and practice – although he’s been known to take that to the extreme.

When he was at the Golf Academy of America in Orlando, he practiced until his hands bled.  He stopped just long enough to put band-aids on his fingers – and then he practiced some more. He did this day after day for the duration of his Academy training.

He started Golf Academy as one of the lower skilled players in his group, but by the time he graduated, he was placing in the top 10 in school tournaments. His hard work and dedication payed off, earning him the prestigious Conrad Rehling Achievement Award for high standards of attitude, work ethics, and game improvement.


Matt receiving the Conrad Rehling Achievement Award, Spring 2000


I’m not quite that dedicated, but I do enjoy spending an hour or two on the driving range several times a week. I love being outside in the grass with my phone turned off and my mind at ease. Sometimes, if the range isn’t very busy, I’ll even take my shoes off.

I’m not sure how appropriate that is, but it sure does feel good…

This week Matt worked with me on my putting techniques. I love to putt. In fact, putting is my favorite part of the game. For me, there’s nothing more enjoyable than watching a golf ball roll across the green and gracefully drop into the hole.

It’s golf course eye-candy.

Take a look at our practice session.  Hopefully what I learned from Matt this week will help me out the next time I’m on the course!

Some of the drills Matt had me doing over at our local driving range. 

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