Intermediate/Advanced League Y5W5


Intermediate/Advanced League Y5W5 at Canterbury Woods Golf Course.

The Y5W5 Intermediate/Advanced League at Canterbury Woods in Canterbury, NH, enjoyed another day on the golf course.

The final week of league started with the Top Dogs having a slight 1 skin lead over Ham & Scrambled Eggs.  This week proved to be demanding as the weather decided not to cooperate for most of the round.  With a steady rain and temperatures cooling throughout the day.

Ham & Scrambled Eggs surged ahead early, claiming the lead with an improbable birdie on hole 3. Against all odds, Dave’s chip from a daunting 15 yards off the green, on a treacherously steep slope, defied expectation as it collided with the flagstick, dropping into the cup. But the Mulligans weren’t ready to just say silent, their roll as spoiler began with a birdie on hole 4 to snatch a skin.

The momentum shifted swiftly as the “Top Dogs” unleashed their prowess, clinching consecutive skins with masterful birdies on holes 5 and 6. Yet, Ham & Scrambled Eggs refused to relinquish their hold, extending their lead with another spectacular birdie on hole 11, claiming 5 more skins.

However, just when victory seemed within grasp, the Top Dogs staged a dramatic comeback, seizing 6 additional skins with perfectly timed birdies on holes 14 and 17. The battle raged fiercely till the very end, with each team pushing their limits.

As the final tally was counted, both Top Dogs and Ham & Scrambled Eggs stood neck and neck, each with an impressive haul of 41 skins. The Hipsters secured a respectable third place with 9 skins, while The Mulligans managed 4 skins, and Par-Tee-Time, unfortunately, came away empty-handed. It was a tale of grit, skill, and unyielding determination on the greens.

Special recognition goes to our closest to the pin players this week:

  • AJ: 11 feet on #6
  • Dave: 25 feet on #8
  • Arthur: 9 feet on #11
  • Matt: 5 feet on #13
  • AJ: 4 feet on #17

Thank you to everyone who participated this Spring.

This Weeks Results

Ham and Scrambled Eggs – [-5] — 10 skins

Top Dogs – [-3] — 9 skins

The Hipsters – [+2] — 0 skins

The Mulligans – [+4] — 1 skin

Par-Tee-Time– [NA] — 0 skins


See this weeks highlights below:


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