Intermediate/Advanced League Y4W3


Intermediate/Advanced League Y4W3 at Overlook Golf Club.

Our Intermediate/Advanced League Y4W3 visited Overlook Golf Club in Hollis, NH.  It was a another beautiful day for golf with temps in the 70’s and sunny skies.  Congratulations to Team Blue for collecting the most skins this week.  With birdies on the 1st hole and 18th hole, Team Blue collected all the rollover skins from last week plus an additional 4 skins for a total of 9 skins on the day.  Team Orange finished with 6 skins on the day winning all their skins with a birdie on the short par 4, 7th hole.  Both teams Red and Yellow each won a bonus skin this week for the best 2 rounds of the day.  All 5 teams combined for a total of 16 birdies on the day.  See the leaderboard below for holes breakdown.

Basic Rules

This year for our Intermediate/Advanced league we are playing SKINS.  Each player has put up $20.   Each hole is valued at 1 skin.  Teams earn skins by scoring the lowest score on a particular hole.  Example: On hole #1, if 5 teams shoot a 4 on the hole and 1 team scores a 3…the team scoring 3 will win the skin{s} for that hole.  In the event of a tied hole, the skin rolls over to the next hole.  Also, the top 2 teams shooting the overall lowest scores for the day earn a bonus skin for the week.  The team who wins the most skins after 5 weeks of league is the winner.  Each team has their choice of playing a 4 person scramble or [2] 2 person scrambles.

This Weeks Results

Team Red -6 — 5 skins

Team Orange +2 — 6 skins

Team Yellow -1 — 4 skins

Team Blue +2 9 skins

Team Green +1 — 0 skins


See this weeks highlights below:


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