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Teaching Locations:


Lesson rates for instruction only.  Student is responsible for additional expenses unless otherwise specified. Ex: range balls, simulator time, greens fees, etc. 

Acceptable forms of payment: Cash, Venmo or AGL Lesson Tokens.


→Per 20 Minutes

Individuals or couples. Work on your golf swing in a private setting.  

$40 Non-Members | $20 Lesson Members


→ 60 Minutes

Work on your golf swing in a small group setting. Specific to your individual needs. 2-5 students.

$40 Non-Members | $20 Lesson Members



Matt is amazing. He always knows how to help me “get-it” and master what needs to be fixed. I am so glad I found Matt!

Alison H.

Great Instructor

Great Instructor
Matt is a fantastic instructor, he is extremely patient and has an obvious passion to help others enjoy the game of golf. After just a couple lessons, Matt has really helped me work towards improving my game by breaking down my swing and giving me easy to follow instructions for what to work on in between lessons. I’m looking forward to taking more lessons. I would highly recommend taking lessons with Matt to anyone.

John M.

Love Him!

Matt is phenomenal. I came to him knowing nothing about golf. He has been patient and oh so instructive. He is truly a professional and I very much enjoy my lessons.

Amanda V.

Best Decision

Clearly the best decision I’ve ever made to improve my game. Matt and Teresa are great people and my wife and I enjoy the events they host.

Bob S.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Matt does an awesome job of teaching how to swing in the proper manner! When I had my first lesson my swing was awful. I now have the correct swing to help my game progress. I only wish I had done it earlier!
Here are the reasons why you should work with Matt!
A – Affordable his prices are the best around
W – Works to build the swing that best fits you!
E – Every time I work with him he corrects the issue I have with my swing
S – Satisfaction Guaranteed with Matt!
U – Unbelievably patient and knowledgeable!
M – Meaningful! The techniques he teaches you will help lower you score
Working with Matt is a must if you want to really start having fun on the course!

Wayne B.

Amazing Golf Lesson

It’s been 7 or 8 years since i’ve played golf or even swung a club. Throughout my lesson with Matt, I kept saying “where were you when I was actively playing?” His instruction is spot on, friendly, and boy oh boy did my swing improve with a few simple tweaks! I highly encourage new and advanced golfers to book a session with Matt. He’s awesome!

Peggy N.

Great Teacher

Matt is a great teacher. Both my wife and I take lessons together as beginners and we have improved greatly. We have gone from literally not understanding golf to being able to hit the ball well. Matt has some really great leagues and other services he provides so you not only learn the game but love the game of golf. I would highly recommend signing up for an initial lesson simply to see if golf is your thing too.

Ryan K.

Highly Recommended

As a relatively junior golf player I began taking lessons with Matt Thompson for the first time in 2019. I had never taken golf lessons before I met Matt and immediately joined his league. What I found was a real pro who demonstrates a high proficiency and knowledge of the sport plus a wonderful sense of patience and instructional expertise that has given me a whole new sense of confidence and enjoyment. He’s a person of substance and has a great style of communication as well as a wonderful sense of humor. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Richard B.

Highly Recommended

Matt is terrific. He has really helped my 14 year old son improve his game and meet some of his golf goals. Matt clearly knows a lot about the golf swing, but he also simplifies things for people. Matt is friendly, approachable, and a good communicator. Highly recommended.

Michael H.

Introductory Lesson

In my first lesson I did not have overly high expectations for a positive result. Matt was able to quickly review my swing and imitate it to allow me to see the faults in it. He demonstrated the proper swing and after the first 15 minutes of the lesson I was hitting the ball straighter and further more consistently than before. Thank you Matt for your help. I look forward to future lessons!

Michael P.

My Lessons are Making a Difference

Matt is a great instructor. I am getting so much more from my private lessons than I ever did with my previous lessons. The price is right and you will learn so much from Matt. He is very patient and he always knows what I need to do differently. His private lessons have turned my golf game around. I highly recommend giving it a try. You will not regret it.

Mary F.

Great 1st Lesson

We had our 1st lesson with Matt. I say we because we did a family plan. Myself golfing for a couple of years but in need of help. My wife who is starting again after not golfing for a long time. And our daughter (15) who has been golfing for a while but needs a someone to get her to the next level . Matt worked with all of us at the same time evaluating and giving us instruction and drills to work on. We all walked away feeling like we had learned something and were on the road to improvement.

Dave N.