Improve Your Golf Swing With Yoga

One of the first things I heard when I started playing golf was…

Swinging a club is one of the worst things you can do to your back. 

I love this sport and want to be able to play it well into my retirement  –  so keeping my body healthy and injury free is a top priority.

Teresa working on her backswing positioning at Twin Pines Driving Range in Epping,  NH

I decided right away to look for ways to keep my back healthy and strong.  That’s why I’m teaming up with yoga instructor and martial artist Peggy Nolan!

Certified Yoga Instructor and 3rd Degree Black Belt – Peggy Nolan

Together we’re working on creating a Yoga series specifically tailored for golf!  The goal of our program is to help golfers gain strength and flexibility while maintaining proper spine alignment.

Peggy doing yoga at Summit Lake,  Mount Evans,  Colorado

Ask any golf professional and they’ll tell you maintaining proper angles in the golf swing is key to consistency.  Getting the angles you want requires correct alignment in your body.

Body alignment is what yoga’s all about!  

That’s why yoga is such a powerful tool for golfers when it comes to improving their swing.

I wanted to work with Peggy because of her experience in combining yoga with other sports  –  specifically martial arts.   Peggy is a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500 hour level and a 3rd level black prajioud (3rd degree black belt) in Muay Thai.  Peggy taught Yoga for Martial Arts at Tim Barchard’s Professional Martial Arts Academy in Derry from 2012 to 2017.   Currently she teaches Yoga Nidra at Hot Asana Yoga in Hampstead.

Peggy training at Tim Barchard’s Professional Martial Arts Academy in Derry
Peggy’s Yoga Nidra Class at Hot Asana Yoga in Hampstead,  NH

We started creating our yoga series by having Peggy take a golf lesson with Matt.  During her lesson,  we focused on posture,  balance,  alignment,  and flexibility.  As we worked through the various moving parts,  Peggy was able to begin the process of putting together a yoga series specifically for golfers.

Matt and Peggy working on spine angles and positioning


Focusing on correct shoulder alignment through the finish

In the next few weeks,  we’ll be picking apart the anatomy of the golf swing  –  pairing each piece with yoga postures that support the full range of motion,  strength,  balance,  and flexibility every golfer needs to take care of their back while swinging a club.

We’re scheduled to begin filming Tee Time’s Yoga for Golf in December with a release date of January 2018!  In the mean time,  check out our Wellness Wednesday Winter Blog Series right here at the Tee Time Golf Blog.  We’ll be talking about healthy ways to stay in the swing of things during the off season.

Namaste and Keep Golfing!

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