How To Pick The Right Golf Shoes

Having the right footwear makes all the difference when you’re out on the course.   Last year I wore a classic patent leather shoe with a soft spike.   Although I loved the style and versitility when mixing and matching with my golf outfits,  I was surprised by the heaviness of this particular style of shoe.



This year I switched to a lightweight golf sneaker with a thick tread.   I can already feel the difference!  My patent leathers were pretty,  but by the back nine,  I always felt like I was trudging down the fairway in winter boots.

My sneaker,  on the other hand,  doesn’t feel weighted or clunky.   I have great arch support and the give of the fabric allows my foot to move naturally while I navitage the terrain on the course.



At the end of the day,  I’m less tired when I’m wearing my sneakers and my feet don’t hurt.

I’ll keep my patent leathers for days I’m only playing nine holes  –  and/or I’m feeling extra fancy.  But over all,  I’ve learned sneakers are the way to go!

So,  when you’re deciding what to wear on your feet for the day,  think about ….

  • How long you’ll be walking  (9 holes  vs.  18)
  • The type of golf outing you’re playing  (casual  vs.  formal)

… and choose your shoes accordingly!





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