How To Golf On A Budget

If you’re anything like me,  your bank account has a limit.  So,  how does the Average Joe,  or in my case,  the Average Josey  –  make golf wallet friendly and affordable?

Here’s an easy Three Step Guide to help you out…

Step One:   Get Golf Clubs that Fit Your Budget

A set of golf clubs doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.  Matt and I picked up my set of clubs a few years back at the end of the season in a going out of business sale.  My whole set up cost me less than $100.00.   Matt threw in a spare driver and putter to compliment my clubs and I was ready to go.  Not a bad deal for just getting started.  Eventually I’ll want to upgrade my equipment,  but for now,  this little set has been great!

Take a look at what’s in our bags…


Step Two:  Look for Affordable Golf Lessons

When Matt was setting up his Discount Lesson Packages and Year Round Golf Memberships,  one of the things he really thought about was pricing.  First and foremost,  he wanted to offer his clients rates and programs at prices he would be willing to pay himself.  He also wanted to create something where people could afford lessons all year round without breaking the bank.

In addition to his Membership Programs and Lesson Packages,  Matt also offers group clinics and opportunities for budget friendly on-course excursions.

Step Three:   Find Hot Deals At Golf Courses In Your Area

Matt and I love taking advantage of the website Golf Now!   We’ve found some excellent deals for 18 holes of golf plus a cart for under $30 per person.  If you like playing different courses like we do  –  check out the Golf Now website.  You’ll be surprised at deals you can find!

Golf is a great sport that doesn’t have to stress you out or drain your bank account.  Following our three easy steps will help you afford to play golf all season long.

See you on the course!


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