How To Get Your Wife To Go Golfing With You

One of the most common things I’ve heard from men since I started getting into golf is:

“I wish my wife would go golfing with me…”

And it’s true.

Men really do want their wives to go golfing with them.

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Teresa setting up her swing

The only problem is  –  most wives don’t really want to go golfing with their husbands.

So…  how do you convince a reluctant wife to pick up a golf club?

Here’s a guide addressing some of the most common concerns wives have about spending a day on the course with their husbands…   and what a guy can do about it!

1.  I’m terrible at golf and I can’t hit the ball.  

Sign Her Up For Golf Lessons

The bottom line…  golf is a lot harder than it looks  –  and women don’t want to look silly when they’re out on the course trying to hit a ball.  Do your wife a favor and set her up with some lessons.  There are great programs for beginners at most golf courses and driving ranges.  If your wife is game,  sign her up!  She’ll have a chance to meet other beginner golfers and learn in a fun,  structured,  professional environment.  Golf can be an intimidating sport with a lot of ground to cover.  Taking lessons by a professional golf instructor can help your wife step out on the course with confidence and enthusiasm.

Better yet,  take Couples Lessons!  This way,  you can continue to improve your game while she learns the basics of hers.  You can also participate in various group clinics and golf outings.   The more you can do to set your wife up for success before she tees off,  the better she’ll feel once she’s out on the course with you.

If you live in New Hampshire and are looking for golf lessons  –  Check out 

2.  I don’t like competing with my husband.

Find Different Ways To Keep Score

Let’s face it,  unless you’re really good at golf,  driving a ball down the fairway can be frustrating  –  and tiring!  Especially for a beginner golfer,  or someone like your wife,  who might not play as often as you do.

You can help your wife out by teaming up with her.  Playing a scramble  –  or any other score keeping strategy that lets the two of you work together  –  makes for a fun day on the course.  This can be a game changer for your wife.   If she’s just getting started  –  or if she likes golf but she doesn’t want to keep her own score  –  playing as a team is a great solution.

Check out our  YouTube Videos  to see some of the ways Matt and I work together out on the course.

3.  My husband takes the game too seriously.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give men when it comes to golfing with their wives is this:

It’s not the same as golfing with your buddies.

Treat a day on the course with your wife as something completely different than a day golfing with your buddies.  When you’re out with the guys,  by all means,  challenge yourself.  Play hard.  Be focused and competitive,  and give it your all.

When you’re golfing with your wife  –  relax.  Make your round a practice session and try out different things.  Matt will often tee off from the reds with me and work on his irons for the day.  Sometimes he’ll play an entire round with just one club and a putter.  Giving  yourself this kind of a mindset while golfing with your wife will not only improve your game  –  but it will make the day much more enjoyable for her.

4.  I get bored playing golf all day.  

For guys,  a day on the course is all about playing golf.  For women,  it’s about everything else and golf is included.   Let me explain…

While you may think you and your wife are just out golfing  –  your wife thinks the two of you are actually on a date.   This is the difference between golfing with her and golfing with the guys.  She’s out there because she loves you and wants to spend time with you.

So,  make your golf dates special for her,  too!  Pick a course with great views,  good food, and a lounge atmosphere she’ll enjoy.  Lots of courses offer Nine and Dine specials that are great for couples.  Throw in a few flowers and a glass of wine,  and now you’ve got a wife that’s changing her mind about golf!

Live in New Hampshire?  Check out our list of Preferred Golf Courses for ideas of where you and your wife can get out and play. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 12.27.51 PM
Matt and Teresa at HoodKroft Country Club in Derry, NH

The only way you’re going to get your wife out on the course with you  –  is if it’s fun for her.

The best way to do that?

Take it easy,  mix it up,  get some lessons,  and play courses that appeal to both of you.

Now you’re enjoying golf as a couple….





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