How Golf Changed My Health And My Life

When most people think about getting healthy,  their minds go straight to gym memberships and yoga classes…

But I say…   Forget that  –  Go Golfing!

This was me two years ago…

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 10.20.39 AM

Teresa:  July,  2016


This is me now…




Long story short,  I have an autoimmune disorder.  Going to the gym can be very painful  –   as many with autoimmune disorders know.  I want to be healthy.  So,  I started looking for an exercise program that wouldn’t over-stress my body or aggravate my symptoms.

Golf was the answer.

I started going to the range with my husband two years ago.  Sometimes  I’d pick up a club and practice a few things.  Other times I’d sit on the bench and just enjoy being outside.

Little by little,  I started feeling better.

Every day on the course offered me the opportunity to relax,  de-stress,  and work on being a healthier version of myself.

Exercise can be difficult for anyone who manages long term autoimmune conditions. Golf lets me work out at my own pace while having fun and spending time with my husband.

Check out our video at World Woods in Brooksville Florida.

Who knew exercise could feel like a vacation!


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