Getting Ready For Golf At The 2017 New England Golf Expo

Matt and I  set up a booth at the New England Golf Expo last weekend in Manchester,  NH  –  and the one thing I can say about Golfers in the Northeast  –  they’re a hearty bunch of people!   Hundreds came out despite blizzard warnings to build excitement for a new season on the course.


Matt and Teresa at the New England Golf Expo, 2017. 

I had a great time going around to all the booths,  meeting new people,  checking out golf courses and equipment,  and trying out the simulators.  As I moved around the Expo center,  I came across the smiling face of Sharon May.


Sharon May from “Discovering Uncle Joe” Photo Credit: Sharon May

The first thing I noticed was her dress.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  It.  Was.  Fabulous!  And then I noticed her exhibit.

Her booth was called,  “Discovering Uncle Joe”,   and it was all about the golf escapades of her real-life Uncle Joe.

  Dean Martin at Pebble Beach Golf Course. Photo Credit: Joe D’Angelo and Sharon May

Uncle Joe must have been quite a character!  He worked for the Post Office,  invented the zip code,  and travelled the world playing golf  –  with famous golfers,  celebrities,  and even the President.

Sharon shared a bit of history with me about her Uncle’s collection as we chatted at her booth.  He was a photographer who hobnobbed around on golf courses with Frank Sinatra,  Bob Hope,  Dean Martin,  and the rest of the Rat Pack.  She had incredible photographs,  old score cards,  playbills from tournaments…  you name it!

It was a fascinating look at the history of golf from the unique perspective of a regular guy who simply loved the game.

Talking to Sharon about her uncle and his experiences in the Golf world made me super excited about getting back on the course this Spring!   I can’t wait to dust off my clubs and keep working on my swing.

I also can’t wait to check back in with Sharon to see what her Uncle Joe will be discovering next!

In the mean time,  and to hold me over until the snow melts,  I’ll be blogging about last year  (my first year as a golfer)  while checking out some of the golf simulators at local area courses.

Stay Tuned!  The 2017 Golf Season is just getting started!


2017 New England Golf Expo Photo Collage:  Photo Credit: Sharon May

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