Finding Health, Happiness, and Inspiration Through Golf

This is me in 2015 when I first started hanging out at the driving range with Matt.

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Teresa  –  July,  2015

At the time,  I was simply looking for a way to unplug,  get outside,  and spend some quality time with my husband.  I spent most of the summer helping Matt work on his golf swing.  Once in a while I’d hit a few balls myself.  I had a shoulder injury due to work and I was in the middle of an autoimmune health flare up,  so my ability to swing the club was limited.

After a winter of PT and some time concentrating on getting my autoimmunity under control,  I came back in 2016 ready to undertake my journey from beginner golfer to serious golf addict!

Being outside sharing my husband’s love of golf became a huge source of inspiration.  Once I started, I couldn’t stop!  And I wanted to see just how good of a golfer I could become.  With that in mind,  Matt and I decided to film our rounds and practice sessions right off the bat.


Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 9.43.09 AM
One of Teresa’s first rounds of golf with the camera

It was intimidating at first.  But I kept at it.  We started our YouTube Channel and golf blog as a way to keep track of my progress.  We also concentrated on putting together a golf program to help me and other beginner golfers be able to learn the sport in a fun,  relaxed,  supportive environment.  We organized a golf league,  held clinics,  and arranged excursions at local area golf courses.

Our goal was to create a community to support new golfers who wanted to get out on the course with us.  As we began to build up our golf program,  I started looking into lifestyle changes that would support my game.

Proper diet and exercise became an important part of my practice routine and golf lifestyle.  The inspiration I felt from being out on the course,  meeting other new golfers,  and getting to know local golf courses,  helped me make huge gains in my golf swing as well as my overall health.

To date,  I’ve lost over 25 pounds,  regained full range of motion in my shoulder,  restored my health,  reconnected with my husband,  and met some really amazing people.

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The 2017 regular golf season is coming to an end…. but my motivation is still in full swing!  This winter I’m creating a Wednesday Wellness Series here on the blog.  I’ll be talking about my diet and exercise routine as well as how I find ways to keep golfing while living in snowy New England.

I’ll feature Tee Time Recipies,  Tee Time Yoga,  our Winter Golf Program (lessons,  clinics,  and leagues)  and Florida golf vacation ideas.  In the mean time,  check out my golf swing compilation video.  Let me know what you think of my progress!  And then check back every Wednesday for ways you can stay healthy while improving your golf game.



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