AGL welcomes non-members, and membership is not required. However, becoming a member offers perks such as discounts on lessons, leagues, and access to community events and online content. If you’re interested in lessons, simply book your first lesson online. If you’re interested in free lessons, check out our Golf School.  Likewise, if you want to join a league, you can do so by selecting a league through the website.  It’s really that simple…get started today! 

Yes, we specialize in helping beginners learn the game of golf and have fun! in the process.

Standard lessons are a great way to get started and offer an accessible and cost-effective starting point for your journey, providing a solid foundation for learning. Additionally, private lessons are available for those seeking more personalized attention.  Click here to book a lesson.

Lesson rates may vary depending on the type of lesson and the instructor. Consider joining our Golf School flat-rate lesson subscriptions for complimentary lessons throughout the year. Click here to view our lesson rates page for more details.

Each instructor accepts different payment methods.  Examples: Cash, Venmo, Paypal, etc.  To make things easy, consider using AGL lesson tokens.  Lesson tokens are accepted by all AGL Instructors and are simple to use. Click here for more info.  Note: As a member of the AGL Golf School, all classes are complimentary, eliminating the need for additional lesson payments.

AGL lesson tokens are used to pay for golf lessons.  By utilizing lesson tokens, you gain access to our network of golf instructors, while also enjoying the opportunity to earn rewards that can be used like cash in the AGL Store. These tokens are redeemable at any time, with any instructor, and can lead to complementary products and services.  Click here for more info.

Transferring lesson tokens is simple.  Visit the Lesson Tokens Portal and follow the instructions listed.  Lesson tokens may be transferred to anyone with an AGL account using his/her email. 

Yourself and some golf clubs. If you don’t have clubs, the range has clubs you can borrow at no cost.

We have multiple teaching locations.  Click here to see our current teaching locations.

That depends on each individuals ability, condition, goals, needs, etc. Generally, once or twice a month. It’s recommended you have a lesson at least once a month no matter your skill level…to stay on track and not fall into bad habits that may effect your future progress.

Yes…there is no problem if you’d like to bring a friend.

Yes, course management classes are scheduled throughout the season. Click here for upcoming course management classes. Special on course lessons may also be scheduled with your instructor.

No, you don’t have to be a member to join a league.  However, members enjoy league entry discounts when joining.  Click here to see all leagues.

If you’re a member than Yes…All members are invited to play with us each week at various league locations. We welcome and encourage our members to participate whenever possible.

It really depends on the individual kid, his/her maturity level and willingness to learn. That being said, generally around the age 11 or 12.

No, however, Twin Pines Driving Range offers club-fitting and club repair from expert clubmaker – Bill Langdon.

Yes of course. We encourage spouses to take lessons together. Click here to schedule a lesson.

No. Only members have access to our Online Learning Center. Click here for membership options.