Fall Indoor Simulator League Y3W2


Fall Indoor Simulator League Y3W2 at Pembroke Pines Country Club.

This week of our Fall Indoor Simulator League Y3W2 we played Bountiful Ridge Golf Course in Utah. The 8:00am session had another decent week collecting 15 points and propelling them to the top spot heading into week 3. Week 3 should be interesting as weekly quotas begin to tighten.

Basic Rules

Our fall league consists of 4 total teams (sessions) of 8 players on each team. Each team has 2 groups of 4 players playing a 9-hole scramble. The combined score of both groups within the session is added together for a team score. Teams are given a score quota each week. 10 points are awarded to each team who hits their quota plus an additional point for every stroke below the quota. Also a 2 point bonus is given to the team with the overall closest to the pin each week.

Note: Based on the scores each week…the team quotas will change accordingly.

Week 2 Results:

1st – 8:00am session (15 points)

2nd – 11:00am session (12 points)

3rd – 9:30am session (10 points)

4th – 12:30pm session (0 points)

Overall Closest to the Pin was a tie this week with the 8:00am and 11:00am teams, splitting the bonus points with 1 point each. Linda McHugh & Ross Smith – 9’0″

Next week we play Sea Island Golf Course in Georgia.

Click here to view leaderboard, weekly points breakdown, schedule, weekly quotas, roster, etc.

See highlights below:

You don’t have to be a member of our league to play, socialize and have fun with us.  Each week, AGL members are invited and encouraged to join us on the golf course or in the simulators.  Come play with us at our next league date.

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