Derryfield Country Club – Manchester, NH

Matt and I headed over to Derryfield Country Club for Tee Time’s  Course of the Week.  

Derryfield Country Club  –  Manchester,  NH

We were joined by Rob,  Christal,  and Rick.


Matt and our group of players teed off early in the afternoon on a beautiful New England day while I did the filming.

It was interesting being behind the camera instead of the golf ball,  but doing so allowed me to experience being on a golf course from a different perspective.

What I liked about Derryfield was the diversity of their course design.  As I filmed,  I could see how the flat,  more open fairways gave the newer golfers in our group a chance to hit the ball without worrying so much about hazards,  trees,  or water   –   while the hillier,  narrower fairways presented a friendly challenge for everyone.

There were also some hidden greens I’m dying to see if I can hit when I get the chance to play this course myself.

The first green.
View driving up to the second tee box.
Playing the 17th hole at Derryfield Country Club

Christal,  Rob,  and Rick made a great team.  They worked well together  –  pulling off some amazing shots  –  and some even more amazing putts!  –  to give Matt a run for his money in a game of match play.

Rob,  Christal,  Rick,  and Matt on the 18th green.

Golf is always a work in progress  –  you never know what’s going to happen out there!  Today was no exception.  Our group had their fair share of mishaps and shenanigans,  but overall,  everyone had fun and we’re all looking forward to the next round…

After we finished playing for the day,  Matt and I had a chance to talk with Mike Ryan,  the head pro of Derryfield Country Club.  He told us he has a great program that lets golfers try out various putters while playing the course.  “Come on in,”   said Mike,  “pick out something you’d like to try,  bring it out on the course with you for the day   –   and see if you like it.”

This course also has a great indoor simulator set up worth checking out.  They have three bays with over 50 simulated courses to play on those New England days where golfing outside just isn’t an option.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 5.55.00 AM
Mike Ryan,   Head Pro  –   Derryfield Country Club

Derryfield Country Club definitely hits the mark for New Hampshire Golf Courses.  They have everything a golfer needs to enjoy a day on the course  –  rain or shine.

Take a look at our video  –  then go visit Mike and play a round at Derryfield Country Club!

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