Round Eight: Vacation Golf!

There’s nothing better for a New England golfer than the excitement of heading South in the middle of winter.  What a treat to be able to pull out golf skirts and sunglasses while the rest of the world is buried under a few feet of snow. Imagine shaking off the winter blues with a beautiful 80 degree day […]

Round Seven: Ladies Love Golf!

Matt and I headed down to Florida over the winter to spend some time with family.  On the way down we made a pit stop to see our friends Gayle and Kathy. Gayle and Kathy live in Clemson,  South Carolina  –  home of the Walker Course at Clemson University.  Matt and I had our golf […]

Round Six: Get a Grip On Your Grip

Matt and I headed out on the course with one of Matt’s students,  Rick,  to enjoy the last round of golf for the 2016 season in New England.  We got a bit of a late start,  but we still managed to play 11 holes  –  despite cooler temperatures and earlier sunsets. I’ve been working on developing a simple, […]

Round Five: How To Deal When You’re Having A Bad Day On The Course

For everything that went right in Round Four,  three things went wrong in Round Five. Go Figure! But hey,  that’s golf.  Right? Today was one of those days on the course where everything fell apart. Just to recap… A lot of our golf balls disappeared under the fall leaves.  We got lost on the course somewhere […]

Round Four: Routine is Key!

If you’ve been following my progress as a beginner golfer,   you can start to see how much of a difference having a set-up routine has made with consistency in my golf swing. Matt’s helping me develop my routine every time we’re out on the course. It’s working great so far! The more I repeat my set-up routine,   […]

Round Three: Match Play With Dan Z.

We headed back to the course for a game of Match Play with our good friend Dan Z.   We’ve known Dan a few years now and we always enjoy the opportunity to hang out with him. We started our day off at the driving range with a small bucket of balls to warm up our swing […]

Round Two – There’s a Birdie In My Bag!

Matt and I had some really good practice sessions after our first round at Crotched Mountain.   I focused on starting to develop a short game  –  paying attention to my stance and getting used to keeping my arms closer to my body.   As we headed back out to the course,  I was hopeful […]