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Round Eight: Vacation Golf!

There’s nothing better for a New England golfer than the excitement of heading South in the middle [...]

Round Seven: Ladies Love Golf!

Matt and I headed down to Florida over the winter to spend some time with [...]

Round Six: Get a Grip On Your Grip

Matt and I headed out on the course with one of Matt’s students,  Rick,  to [...]

Round Five: How To Deal When You’re Having A Bad Day On The Course

For everything that went right in Round Four,  three things went wrong in Round Five. [...]

Round Four: Routine is Key!

If you’ve been following my progress as a beginner golfer,   you can start to see how [...]

Round Three: Match Play With Dan Z.

We headed back to the course for a game of Match Play with our good friend [...]

Round Two – There’s a Birdie In My Bag!

Matt and I had some really good practice sessions after our first round at Crotched [...]

Round One: Crotched Mountain Golf Club – Francistown, NH

This is the excerpt for a placeholder post. Click the Edit link to modify or [...]