Outdoor Heated Driving Range & Golf Lessons

“The best time to develop a new golf swing or make a swing change is in the off-season” Have you ever thought of improving your golf swing over the off season. In my experience, it’s the best time to work on your swing. During the season, golfers put a higher priority on playing performance which […]

Golf Instruction: Tips, Lessons, How to Play?

First of all, what is the purpose of playing golf? If you said “to have fun”, I like where your head’s at. Most people take golf too seriously and many golfers don’t seem very happy playing the game. I believe it’s due to high expectations that are inherited from what we see on television. It […]

Don’t Let A Bad Shot Ruin Your Whole Game

How do you deal with the disappointment of a bad golf shot? This is a question every golfer needs to ask themselves. Both on the course and at the range,  golf can be a frustrating sport.  How a golfer deals with disappointment can have a huge impact on their golf game. Are you someone who […]

How To Get Your Wife To Go Golfing With You

One of the most common things I’ve heard from men since I started getting into golf is: “I wish my wife would go golfing with me…” And it’s true. Men really do want their wives to go golfing with them. The only problem is  –  most wives don’t really want to go golfing with their husbands. So… […]

How To Pick The Right Golf Shoes

Having the right footwear makes all the difference when you’re out on the course.   Last year I wore a classic patent leather shoe with a soft spike.   Although I loved the style and versitility when mixing and matching with my golf outfits,  I was surprised by the heaviness of this particular style of shoe. […]

Just Puttin’ Around…

I took some time to watch the video from Crotched Mountain and came up with a practice plan for in-between rounds. Matt and I really like to get out and practice – although he’s been known to take that to the extreme. When he was at the Golf Academy of America in Orlando, he practiced until […]