The Arc Golf Swing


The arc golf swing is the act of creating an arc-like motion throughout the swing. This is one of the easiest golf swings to learn and very easy to understand the concept. It’s basically a back and forth arc or pendulum motion from back swing to finish. This simple golf swing is recommended for non-athletic as well as athletic golfers.

the arc golf swing



First of all, you want to set-up squarely to the ball while maintaining excellent balance and a solid footing on the ground. Allow your arms and club to hang heavily down from your shoulder sockets. Feel like the club head is like a heavy wrecking ball, pulling your arms taught from your shoulder sockets and down to the ground. Your arms and club should feel like a heavy, free hanging unit.


The backswing is initiated by your legs and turning of the hips, propelling your arms into the arc of the backswing. Your arms and club swing freely in an arc-like motion up to the top of the back swing. There should be a feeling of the club levitating as it approaches the top of the back swing. Allow your wrists to naturally hinge with this motion and your body to naturally rotate in response to the free swinging motion.


The arms and club transition and start falling smoothly down into a forward arc motion. Like a swing set, the swing of the arc continues to fall while increasing in speed and momentum. Do not pull or force the downswing. Your body turns in-sync with the arms and club falling, increasing the momentum and speed of the swing. You may add as much speed and momentum as you want providing it is in sync with the swing. Work with the natural motions of the arc, don’t force or fight it.

the arc golf swing


The bottom of the arc is where you’ll be impacting the ball. You impact position is not that far off from how you originally set-up to the ball. Due to the forward momentum and speed added to the downswing, there will be a few key differences at the moment of impact. 1. Your weight should be on your front foot 2. Your hips should be open 3. And, your hands and handle of the club should be slightly forward of where they were at set-up. Through impact, if done correctly, both arms should be fully extended like seen in the picture above.


The heavy force of the arc swing will slingshot your “heavy” arms and club to the finish side of the arc with ease. Due to the force of the swing, your arms and club will pull you forward on your front foot lifting your back heel off the ground. Your taught arms and club with continue up into the forward arc of the swing carrying you to a nice finish position. This should be automatic and not forced.

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