Fall Indoor Simulator League Y1W1


Our Fall Indoor Simulator League Y1W1 kicked off this week at Pembroke Pines Country Club.

It was a great start to our new Fall Indoor Simulator League Y1W1. We played Bountiful Ridge Golf Course in Bountiful, Utah. This was the first week of 6 weeks in which we play 6 famous golf courses from around the world.

Our fall league consists of 8 total teams of 4 players on each team. Each team plays a 9-hole scramble in an attempt to hit a specific “score quota” for the week. For the first week, each team has been given a score quota of +3.

Let me give you a quick explanation of the rules of the league.

  • 9-Hole Team Scramble Format
  • Maximum score of +1 per hole
  • Each team is given a score quota for the week.
  • Team earns 1 point for hitting their weekly score quota
  • Team with the most points after 6 weeks is the winner

Team quota’s go up or down from week to week depending on each teams previous weeks score. For example: Team A has a quota of +3 and shoots a score of -1, their team quota for the following week will go down to +1. Team B has a quota of +3 and shoots +4, their team quota will go up to +4 for the following week. (Missing or making your score quota by 2 strokes or less adjusts your next weeks quota by 1 stroke. Missing or making your quota by 3 or more adjusts your quota by 2 strokes.

This week we had 6 teams hit their score quota and earn 1 point for the week. Two teams just missed their score quota.

Here are this weeks results:


6 teams successfully hit their quota this week.


You don’t have to be a member of our league to play, socialize and have fun with us.  Each week, AGL members are invited and encouraged to join us on the golf course or in the simulators.  Come play with us at our next league date.

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