Become an Instructor

Are you a self-employed independent golf instructor?

If you answered yes, why not consider partnering with us.  We are currently offering a one year free trial to qualified instructors.  Complete the Instructor Application Form below for more details.

Here’s what you get as an instructor:

  • Turnkey instructional golf business online platform
  • Power in numbers…team of independent golf instructors working together
  • Customized instructor profile & landing page
  • Student membership plans
  • Advanced online appointment scheduling system
  • Private lessons, classes & course scheduling
  • Virtual store with payment processing
  • Discount code functionality
  • Personal dashboard
  • Beginners online learning center
  • High residual commissions on student memberships
  • and more!

Here’s what your students get when they join your membership program:

  • Up to 50% off on private lessons from any AGL instructor
  • Discounts on clinics, classes and other golf learning programs
  • League entry discounts
  • Member-only access to any open AGL league or other community events
  • Student login and online dashboard
  • Easy online scheduling
  • Unrestricted access to the online learning center
  •  and more!

Here’s what is required as an AGL Instructor:

  • Offer a discount on private lessons to AGL members (recommended 35%-50% off)
  • Provide a discount on clinics, classes, and all other golf learning programs to AGL members
  • League entry discounts for AGL members (instructors are encouraged to host an AGL beginners league as it is instrumental to helping build a successful community)
  • A dedication to growing the game of golf through providing affordable golf lessons and community building programs
  • Professionalism and courtesy to all students, instructors and business partners

“Make more money by charging less, with our student membership & community platform.”