Your current lesson token balance =

What are lesson tokens? 

Lesson tokens are automatically added to your account when purchasing lesson packages.  Lesson tokens replace the need to carry a ‘physical’ discount lessons card.  Each lesson token is valued at $5 (1 token = 5 dollars).  Using the Lesson Tokens Portal, you can easily transfer lesson tokens to your golf instructor to pay for lessons. Click here to purchase a discount lessons package.

Benefits of using lesson tokens? 

  • No need to carry a physical discount lessons card
  • No membership required to use lesson tokens
  • Easily pay for a golf lesson by simply transferring lesson tokens to your AGL golf coach
  • View your transfer history and lesson token balance within the Lesson Tokens Portal
  • Ability to exchange your lesson tokens for rewards points or dollars into your AGL wallet.  *Ask for details.
  • Transfer tokens to friends or family as a gift for future lessons (recipient must have an AGL account)

How to make a transfer? 

  1. Visit the Transfer Lesson Tokens Portal
  2. Insert the EMAIL address of the Recipient of the transfer
  3. Add the amount of tokens you wish to transfer
  4. Click the “CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE TRANSFER” button to complete the transaction
  5. That’s it!