About Us


Our mission is to grow the game of golf by making it more enjoyable and accessible for beginners, women and high handicappers through affordable year round programs and a family friendly community.

“Making golf fun! and affordable for everyone.”

Matt & Teresa Thompson

About the Team

Community, Wellness & Fun!

Affordable Golf Lessons is run by an active two person team, Matt & Teresa Thompson. Together they’ve built a successful golf learning community that is supportive and welcoming for beginners, women, high-handicappers and anyone else looking to improve. A community that offers high-quality affordable golf lessons, group clinics, fun beginner-friendly leagues, on course learning and much more. Matt is the director of golf operations and a 20-year experienced golf professional/coach…Teresa is the community organizer, events planner, photographer and golf enthusiast.

Teaching Philosophy

Keep it Simple and have Fun.

Matt’s teaching philosophy is simple: Simplify the game in all areas; Develop a simple and repeatable swing; A golf swing that promotes less stress on your body while improving consistency and ball contact; A short game concept that is simple to understand and easy to remember and execute; A thought process that allows you to focus on playing the game rather than thinking of what you’re doing wrong.


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