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About Us

Matt & Teresa Thompson


Our mission is to grow the game of golf by making golf more enjoyable and accessible for beginners, women, and high handicappers through affordable year-round programs and a family friendly community.

"Making golf fun! and affordable for everyone." 

About Matt

18 years of experience


Teaching Philosophy

Matt's teaching philosophy is simple...Simplify the game in all areas.  Develop a simple and repeatable swing.  A golf swing that promotes less stress on your body while improving consistency and ball contact.  A short game concept that is simple to understand and easy to remember and execute.  A thought process that allows you to focus on playing the game rather than thinking of what you're doing wrong.  "Keep it simple and have fun!"

Twin Pines Driving Range

526 Calef Highway Rt. 125

Epping, NH 03042
Phone: 603-679-9911

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